Bob Budiansky

budTransformers 29 cover

budGhost Rider 70 cover Bob Budiansky - During a 20-year career in the comic book industry, mostly at Marvel Comics, Bob Budiansky worked as an editor, illustrator, and writer. Although he edited titles like Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Fantastic Four, was the regular penciler on Ghost Rider for more than a year, and created and wrote his own series, Sleepwalker, Bob is perhaps best known for the work he did on The Transformers.

Bob was the editor on the very first Transformers mini-series in 1984. He followed up that hugely successful four-issue intro by scripting most of the next 50-plus issues of the monthly ransformers comic book. He also named, created character profiles of, and wrote Hasbro packaging copy for over 250 Transformers during the first six years of the brand’s existence, and developed new story treatments as Hasbro introduced new lines of Transformers. And occasionally he even penciled a Transformers comic book cover or two. Hasbro inducted Bob into its Transformers Hall of Fame in 2010.

Bob is no longer active in the comic book industry, but still produces art commissions based on his comic book work.

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