Lost in Space Chariot and B9 Robot

Last seen intact over 45 years ago on a 20th Century Fox back lot, the ‘Chariot’ from the hit 1965 TV show “Lost in Space” will appear at Super Megafest Comic-con on Saturday and Sunday.

One of the most iconic Sci-Fi vehicles of all time and favorite of fans around the world, "The Chariot" was a real, full-sized, fully operational vehicle used to transport the Robinson family, pilot Don West, the robot, and the troublesome, self-centered Dr. Smith when (typically) crashed on each planet.

The Chariot is screen accurate and has been faithfully recreated using the original 20th Century Fox blueprints & specifications by EID, Lynn MA www.chariot.elevatorid.com

Join us for Photo ops with the Chariot and the B9 robot!

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