Brian Hall

Super Megafest welcomes Brian Hall!

Brian R. Hall is the author and creator of the Legendary Kingdoms of Attera, an epic fantasy book series that he had worked on for more than 25 years before putting into publication. Brian is also the author of the Hands for War martial arts book series, with Foundations in Nine Gates Boxing, the first book in the series, already in publication. With over 40 years’ experience in the Martial Arts and winning several International and National Championships, Brian has taught many Special Forces military personnel, police and professional fighters over the years. Having trained 12 gold medalists from all over the United States, Brian has made several appearances in television, newspaper, and magazine for his martial arts expertise. Brian has a Rabbinical/Doctoral level in theological education. He has taught Hebrew and Theology all across the USA and abroad. An expert in Alternative Theological Archeology and history, Brian has appeared in several blockbuster documentaries and radio shows to both national and international audiences, speaking on his knowledge in historical theology, histories and dealing with the spiritually-based paranormal.

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