Rob Watts

Rob Watts grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. He earned two college degrees---Culinary Arts and Hotel & Restaurant Management, and set out for a career in the food service industry. For over a decade, he worked in upscale dining, sports bars, piano bars, brew pubs and even a men's correctional facility. Soon after his final stint in the culinary field, he became the co-owner of a high-end stainless steel design & fabrication company called The Stainless Guys. Their work has been seen and praised in various publications such as New England Home Magazine and Design New England. They've also appeared on Bob Vila's Home Again television show and on HGTVs Spontaneous Construction.

For enjoyment outside of his work life, he spent many years writing---primarily for local music publications, but also took pleasure in fiction writing. After freelancing for many years, covering live music and album releases in his hometown of Boston---and occasionally Toronto, he released a series of novellas in the thriller genre. 2011 saw the release of Huldufolk, a suspenseful Icelandic folklore tale which was packaged with an accompanying CD of soundtrack music composed by Watts.This was followed up in 2012 with Crabapples and 2014s Left-Hand Path, both accompanied by soundtrack albums composed by the author. His debut novel, The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove, was released in 2015 as a special edition hardcover & vinyl soundtrack. His latest suspense/thriller Americana was released in 2016 in a limited edition print with a vinyl record book cover featuring the song "Americana Theme." In 2017, Book Signing 101: An Author's Guide was released---Watts dispenses on-site book marketing advice based on his years of experience with marketing via book signings. His romantic thriller, Recently Separated is his most current release.

In addition to thriller writing, he co-authored Snowpocalypse, a children's picture book with illustrator and co-author Susan Saunders.Together they formed Waunders Children's Books.

2016 saw the launch of his hot sauce line called WATTSauce

Some of his interests include traveling, skiing, cooking, reading, music, architecture, Scandinavian design, Icelandic folklore and of course Boston's local culture and professional sports teams. He currently resides in Boston but divides most of his time between home, Cape Cod and Mountain Lakes, New Jersey.

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