Warrington Gillette

Warrington Gillette, actor, producer and realtor is an icon in the horror film industry from playing one of the beginning roles of Jason Voorhees, in Friday the 13th Part II, which is now part of the long running billion dollar film franchise, owned by PARAMOUNT PICTURES and NEW LINE CINEMA. Warrington GilletteĀ  has been in the business for over 25 years and his role in Friday the 13th II was the beginning of one of the longest running film franchises in Hollywood. His culminating scene of Jason blasting though the window is remembered as one of the best scenes ever filmed in a horror film.

Presently , Warrington is a Florida Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway , and a film producer working on his first film BLOODY SOCIAL which has been in development. Over the years Warrington has made BLOODY SOCIAL a known brand, and has created a buzz through word of mouth, internet blogs, attendance at horror conventions, national media coverage in gossip pages. The nightmare drama was related to the true story surrounding the sudden and mysterious death of his father F. Warrington Gillette Jr. of Palm Beach, Florida. Warrington Gillette accused his step-mother of killing his father in real life which garneredĀ  media attention in the national media became a big scandal. Its set the stage for the nightmare thriller he is now producing.

FANS can participate in the film, BLOODY SOCIAL, by seeing the opportunity outlined and described on Kickstarter.com. Any FANS seeking to buy / sell or invest in a home in South Florida can contact Warrington who will gladly assist in their requirements.

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