Artemis Crow

Making her comic con debut at Super MegaFest 2019, Artemis Crow is excited to experience world of mega fans and the artists who make them go ‘squee’.

For Artemis, it all started with the title, "The Zodiac Assassins". From there, the subterranean world of the InBetween formed and grew. Many unique species appeared, their origins woven out of mythology and religion, and brought to life by the belief that anything is possible.

Artemis spends her waking hours traveling through the world of the Zodiac Assassins, and writing about the rich social tapestry living in the undiscovered darkness beneath our feet. In her dreams she walks beside the males as they fight against the shadow side of their stars to overcome the adversities that formed who they are, to become, maybe not whole men, but at least less damaged.

Artemis lives in the northeast with a tolerant husband, two special needs Dobermans and a Frisbee-obsessed German Shepherd. When Artemis isn't gazing at the stars, and thinking about infinite possibilities, she's busy writing the next book in the Zodiac Assassins series.

Stop by her table to wax poetic about comics, books, movies and more!

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