Arvell Jones

Arvell Malcolm Jones has been drawing comics for a long time, his earliest work appears in Marvel Comics' Marvel Premiere #20-22 (Jan.-May 1975), drawing the martial arts superhero Iron Fist he also co-created the character MISTY KNIGHT, along with Tony Isabella for the Iron Fist series.
His original concept art used in the teaser posters for the Black Panther Movie that was released on February 16, 2018.
He’s drawn for Marvel such titles as, Deathlok, Thor, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Avengers, Daredevil, Captain America, Daredevil and more. Jones began worked for DC Comics on a short 10 page stories for DC Specials and Giant Books of Legion of Super Heroes before getting his own series Super-Team Family 1976-77 which the majority of issues were reprinted as the Countdown Special in mid 2000's, he also worked on All-Star Squadron in the mid-1980s, penciling the majority of the issues released between 1985 - 1987 starting with issue #37 while working at a local Detroit TV Station designing news graphics, animation and promotions. He returned to comics to Draw fill-in issues of Blood Syndicate, Hardware, before co-creating and drawing the first 6 issues of Kobalt for Milestone Media Inc. In 1995 he co-founded a publicly traded company, and ran an internet development company. He's worked as a producer for TV shows such as Totally Twisted Flix, The Movie Show Plus, DocU-This and then held the titled of Vice President of Development for CoLours TV, he has been Adjunct Faculty professor in the Illustration Department at the College For Creative Studies. He also has worked as a storyboard artist for a production company. Now serves as company president for a video production company called Encode Entertainment LLC. Between all of that he still finds time to teach and mentor interested artists in working in the comic field where he co-created the 20 year old running Comic Art Workshop. He returns to comics working on commissions for fans and two Indy projects due to be released soon.
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