Paris Cullins

Paris Cullins is an American comics artist best known for his work on DC Comics' Blue Devil and Blue Beetle and Marvel Comics' Hyperkind.

Cullins' first known credited comics work was as penciler-inker of the six-page story "Mystic Murder", by writer Steve Skeates, in the DC Comics supernatural anthology Secrets of Haunted House #42 (Nov. 1981). He drew four "I ... Vampire" stories in the House of Mystery series[3] and pencilled stories in such similar DC titles as Ghosts, The Unexpected, and Weird War Tales through the early 1980s, and made his superhero debut penciling an eight-page "Tales of the Green Lantern Corps" backup feature in Green Lantern #154 (July 1982). After co-penciling Justice League of America #212 (March 1983) with Rich Buckler, and making his cover debut with The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #7, Cullins penciled his first full-length comic, Blue Devil #1 (June 1984), starring a superhero he had co-created with writers Gary Cohn and Dan Mishkin earlier that month for a backup feature in The Fury of Firestorm #24 (June 1984).

In the 1990s, Cullins, while keeping DC as his home base, branched out to draw additional occasional comics for Marvel, and for publishers including Acclaim Comics, Massive Comics Group, Penthouse International (Penthouse Comix), and Crusade Comics. Teamed with writer Fred Burke, Cullins penciled stories and covers for all nine issues of the superhero-team comic Hyperkind, for Marvel's Clive Barker–created Razorline imprint.

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