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All Your Fave’s Are Jewish: Jewish superheroes exist

All Your Fave's Are Jewish: Jewish superheroes exist. But why are there so few known Jewish characters in the comic and why do they rarely get to be Jewish? Find out who is Jewish coded, Jewish outright, or has had their Judaism erased, as well as find out how many times we can say Jewish…
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A Gay History of Marvel

A Gay History of Marvel: Haven't you always wondered who Marvel's first gay hinted character was? How about Marvel's first out Superhero? Come check out the good, the bad, and the ugly of Marvel's LGBT characters and their representation, from the Alpha Flight to Young Avengers, we will look at different superheroes, their histories, and…
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Getting Published 101 Panel

Members of the New England Horror Writers will discuss the different steps along the path to publication, no matter whether one writes fiction or non-fiction, short or long, and whether the goal be Traditional or Indie. Panelists will include information on finding resources, how and who to query, how to prepare material, and whether a…
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Foundations of a Cosplay

All great things need a strong foundation, and cosplay is no exception. There are many ways to create the perfect look for any character. From leotards to shapewear, corsets to muscle suits, come learn about all the ways to help you look and feel your best in any costume. Hosted by Affexion Click here for…
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Editing Services by NEHW

Editing Services by NEHW - Not sure about your current work in process? Not sure if it’s right? New England Horror Writers is offering its editing services. To be specific: bring us 3-5 pages of your manuscript to the New England Horror Writers booth, make sure your name is on every page, and the pages…
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The Evil Geeks’ Trivia Tournament!

Join The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks as they open their trivia box of evil for an amazing contest complete with prizes, mayhem and excitement! Sign Up at the Evil Geeks' table prior to the panel to get in on this one of a kind event. Hosted by Click HERE for Schedule of Events!
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Panel of the Paranormal with KADROLSHA ONA

Bring your ghost pictures, your questions, ghost stories & experiences, but most of all bring your dancing shoes. Totally 100% interactive & hands on. Kadrolsha will raise the energy level & harness the energy of the spirit world and hand it to you to feel, ask questions of your loved ones that have passed away.…
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