Stefanie Bree- ModelsMania

Stefanie Bree- Modelsmania Magazine is a riveting, diverse publication specializing in entertainment, lifestyle, information and photography pictorials for men. With a blend of savvy, well-informed writing and stylish, sexy imagery, Modelsmania Magazine brings to its readers a wide mix of content that is absorbing and exciting.

Each month, Modelsmania Magazine’s writers explore new trends in sports, travel, food, exercise, gaming, movies, health, psychology, politics and current events, as well as many other issues. Topics that pertain to the lives of men of all ages and stations are the province of Modelsmania, combined with interviews of celebrities, performers and models.

And within the pages of Modelsmania are sexy pictorials of models from all over the country and even the world. Some are new to the modeling industry, while others are fan-favorites who are regularly featured within the pages. Bikini, lingerie, fashion, fitness, alternative; Modelsmania Magazine tantalizes the tastes of all men who maintain their love affair with the beauty of sensual women.

Modelsmania Magazine combines a healthy respect for the past with its polished print magazine, but is also forward-thinking, having a digital version and a regular presence in social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Modelsmania looks back to classic Men’s Magazine inspirations of yesteryear and marries then to all the exciting advances coming to the Men’s Entertainment market in the days to come.
Modelsmania is now expanding with the new Modelsmania Radio and new TV channel. Both will be launching soon worldwide. The TV channel will feature a great lineup of different shows, movies, and more.

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